What is ShineTrust?
Shine Trust means: Make your store Shine and earn Trust from consumers.
ShineTrust is a simple solution that allows easy Build Trust in store to help increase conversion rate.

Why ShineTrust?

We believe that entrepreneurs need to be empowered, capable so that they can convey the values and benefits of products and services to customers in the simplest way without knowing programming skills and complex design.
With ShineTrust we work every day to bring better capabilities to you. Helping you overcome all technological barriers to make your business happier.
The problems today?
Getting new customers is more expensive than before, nowaday you spend a lot of money to advertise your store via Facebook, Google, Instagram, Tiktok, Influencers, Banner ads and do SEO efforts to get traffic to your store.
So how if they land in and immediately go out?
That is a big pain point for all merchants. As we know if someone visits your store they only have 5-8 seconds to get inspired with your brand/products.
You should make your store feel safe and consumers quickly see what they want.
Today we are very excited to introduce you to a solution to help you achieve that. By optimizing the number of visitors to become consumers.
What you can do with ShineTrust?
  • You can add Trust Badges on one or multi images of the product: Each image supports up to 9 positions, you can choose the best place you want.
  • We define all trust badges created in our app by a Block/Section: Then apply it to any theme following standard Online Store 2.0 and before in the theme editor, then you can drag and drop any block/section that theme allows you to do.
    • You can add trust badges on these pages layout: Home Page, Collection page, Collection list, Product page, Cart page, Checkout page, Pages, Blog, Article, 404 page, Search page, About page...

Getting Started

Got 2 minutes? Check out a video overview of our product:
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