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Custom Badge

Learn how to custom badges

Custom Badge Page

Access Dashboard -> Add Custom Badge

List Badges

Displays a gallery of over 1 hundred pre-made badges. Click badge to choose a custom badge.

Badge Preview

Display the selected badge on the preview image. Preview image will change when customized.
Badge Editor
Provide badge editing tools according to your wishes.
Text Editor:
  • Text image: You can add 1 more line of text to the image by clicking the ADD TEXT 2 button
  • Font Family: Set font style
  • Font Size: Set font size
  • Font Weight: Set the boldness of the text
  • Line Height: Set font height
  • Italic: Set font skew
  • Align: Set text alignment (left, right, center)
  • Color: Set font color
  • Rotation: Set the rotation for the text
  • Horizontal Position: Set the horizontal position of the letter
  • Vertical Position: Set the vertical position of the text

Background Editor:

  • Color: Set background color for photos
  • Rotation: Set image rotation
  • After customizing, press the save button to return to the page

Custom Badge Popup

Custom Badge Popup

Create Badge

Display popup form to create Custom Badge( show up on pages: Product Badges, Trust Badges, Automations)

Badge Editor Popup

Text Editor: Setting as Badge Editor Background Editor: Setting as Badge Editor