What is Automation feature?

Learn about the various automation features in ShineTrust - Badges & Labels
The Automate feature in ShineTrust - Badges & Labels helps in auto-applying badges to products based on inventory and tags. Here's a quick guide on the different automation types:
  1. 1.
    New Arrival
This automation auto-applies badges to products that have been added to the store in the last 30 days.
New Arrival Automation
2. On Sale
This automation helps to run your sale on auto-pilot mode by showing dynamic badges on products with discounts.
On Sale Automation
3. Low Stock
This automation helps you to promote fast-selling products in your online store that are low in stock by auto-applying badges when the stock drops to less than 5 or 10.
Low Stock Automation
4. Out Stock
The Out Stock automation helps to auto-apply badges to products when the stock drops to zero in your store.
Out Stock Automation
5. Custom
Check out Custom Badges for more details.
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