The automation feature helps in auto-applying badges to products based on established conditions

There are 5 types in Automation:

  1. New Arrival: Show badge on new products.

  2. On Sale: Show badge on products with discount.

  3. Low Stock: Show badges on products with limited stock.

  4. Out Stock: Show badge on products that are out of stock.

  5. Custom: Show badge on products with custom filter condition.

Interface add / edit Automation

  1. Choose a script: Select the type of Automation you want to add.

  2. Our Library: Choose badge from Gallery.

  3. Badge Preview: Preview the badge image displayed on the product.

  4. Badge Editor: Customize badge display properties.

  5. Matching Product: Show products that match the condition.

Management Dashboard

When an automation is created, it will be shown parameters such as: Status, execution time, edit, execute now button, cancel button.

Status: Displays the operating status of the automation. Can click to quickly change the status.

Edit: Click the 'Edit' button to edit the automation properties.

Run: Click to execute automation immediately.

Reset: Cancel automation initialization.

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