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How will I be charged monthly?

Understand how you will be billed.
All plans of ShineTrust Ver 2.0 are monthly subscription packs.
  1. 1.
    The Free Plan is always free with:
  • Unlimited products
  • Up to 5 product Badge
  • Up to 5 Trust badge - Only shown on Product template
  • Up to 10 custom badges
  • Up to 10 upload badges
2. The Advanced Plan will charge you 4.99$/month with:
  • Unlimited Product badges
  • Unlimited Trust Badge
  • Unlimited Upload badges
  • Unlimited custom badge
  • Automation
  • Can add Short-code of Trust Badge on every page(*)
(*): Limited by Customer's Shopify Basic or Plus.
For further queries, please ping us in the in-app Help chat or email us via [email protected].