What are the new features in version 2.0?

After receiving your feedbacks on product's development, with the efforts of the development team, we are so happy to release the 'Products & Labels' app version 2.0 with the following changes:

Official Name: ShineTrust ‑ Badges and Labels

The main purpose of this App is to give you the ability to create and use badges and labels in a Simple, Flexible and Effective way, thereby helping to Boost Sales.

What are the new features in version 2.0?

1. Plan & Pricing

Big change: All Campaigns created by the Advanced plan will not be deleted when downgrade to the Free plan

The Advanced plan allows you to create unlimited campaigns, unlimited upload of custom badges. In case you switch from Advanced to Free package, campaigns that exceed the number of Free plan will be temporarily uneditable until the Advanced plan is renewed.

2. Personalize your library set

Each store has a different product and business theme. To help you personalize your badges, in version 2.0 you can select one or more of your 'Industry'

When creating a campaign, the badges in your library will be displayed first, helping you quickly find the right badge for your product

3. Easily choose where to display Trust Badge

In version 1.0, to choose the location to display the Trust Badge is quite a difficult job, especially with OS 1.0 themes. All those barriers are gone!

We've provided an intuitive interface 'autodetect' that makes it quick and simple to choose where to display your trust badge

4. Theme Compatibility & Performance Improvement

  • Version 2.0 is 100% compatible with Shopify themes, (OS 1.0 theme or 2.0 theme) so your work is simply to create campaigns and they will immediately show up on the store

  • Performance issues are an issue that we also take very seriously and improve with each version. In version 2.0 you will notice that badges are displayed very quickly on the store with no errors.

How to update version 2.0?

After the maintenance period ended, the system was automatically updated to version 2.0. However, this is a version with major changes aimed at significantly improving performance. Therefore, it is possible that some features will not work correctly. Here are some notable ones:

In any case, our support team is always ready to help you with these issues

Trust Badge showing wrong location after update to version 2.0?

This error may appear for some customers, in the Dashboard page -> Trust Badge tab you will see a message about this. Follow the instructions here:

For campaigns with missing information, we have tagged "Lost Infor". Please follow the video below to set the badge to display properly.

For further queries, please contact us in the in-app Support or write to us at [email protected].

" We wish this Upgrade of ShineTrust Version 2 will bring the most convenient - easiest experience for you, create amazing campaigns & promotion that deliver perfect user experience with high conversion rates!" - ShineTrust Team.

---------------------- Your happiness is always our success -----------------------------

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